Daily Boost

A mood gym for public spaces.

"Gym equipment" designed to boost moods and encourage positive emotions.

This equipment is perfect for placing near transit terminals, in stuffy concrete parks, or anywhere where people are grumpy, irritated or otherwise stressed out.

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The Equipment


For anyone familiar with the research around "Power Poses", these clip on wings for sign posts or poles can remind us to take the powerful poses that increase testosterone and decrease cortisol. Check out Amy Cuddy's TED talk!

The Lotus Bench

Can we have more peaceful and beautiful places to meditate? The Lotus bench is simply a lily pad bench that encourages seated poses that are beneficial for positive moods. Spinal twists can encourage "mental flexibility" and meditation is well known to for its mental health benefits.

The Throne

Step up and take the throne. Grasp the staff. Survey your realm and feel the inner peace and calm that comes from being at the top of the food chain.

The Pedestal

Most pedestals present historic figures that make a city proud, or are someone elses expressions of power. Take a step up to this re-imagined urban pedestal, and be adored or full of pride in your city... as everyone looks up to you.

Postive Emotion Gym Weights

Add any of the following weights to boost your workout and feel like a heroic leader.

Look at any statue of leaders and heroes, and you will notice that they always carry a prop in their arm, while leading the way with a torch or a shield. If you could try this out, would you feel like more of a hero? Could that help you have a better day and rock out harder at work?






April 9-11, 2015

Market Street Prototyping Festival

October 4, 2014

Daily Boost had its first installation at Yerba Buena at the Open City/Art City Civic DiscoTech (organized by the SF Planning Department and the Code for America SF Brigade)

Personal Trainers

For public events, costumed "Personal Trainers" will help spot people using the equipment (while we are developing and working out the safety features) and interview people about their experience.

Workout App & Video

Our Personal Trainers intend to make a simple workout app & workout video.


We are looking for volunteers to be "Personal Trainers" (yes, you get to dress up!), as well as to help with construction, community workshops and user research. If you love building, body movement, gold paint... sign up for the

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Artist's Statement

Daily Boost gives us a chance to experience vulnerability and empowerment in our city streets. I want us to be able to feel confident and happy in public spaces.

Artist's Bio

Daily Boost is created by Chacha Sikes, a civic artist and programmer based in the Bay Area. Chach participated in the 2012 Urban Prototyping Festival with Fruit Fence, a clip-on planter for city fences. She also created Lemonopoly, a lemon-trading game designed for the Bay Area.

She was a digital exhibit developer at the Exploratorium, where she worked on the Mind exhibition, including a whole-body interactive which allowed museum visitors to use a mask to explore body language. Many years ago, she was a puppeteer, and learned a lot about physical gestures. In recent years, she has become interested in the positive emotions, and how we can create experiences that encourage positive growth. She was a Code for America 2011 fellow, and continues to be active with civic technology and design in the open government sector.


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